BE The Woman Men Cherish - Costa Rica Diva Retreat

The Costa Rica Retreat Was Fully SOLD OUT!

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What if you could understand the secrets of feminine attraction so well, that you never again have to wonder what a man / your partner is thinking? 

What if you could unlock the secret power within you, to attract and keep a high quality man's heart forever, and keep the flowers, gifts and adoration rolling in? (And no, the secret isn’t in being more positive or having a better figure!)  

What if you could feel confident, sexy and peaceful in the presence of a handsome man / your partner, and feel 100% worthy of him cherishing you, supporting you and finding you irresistible?  

Finally -  

What if you could learn all this in one of the most exotic and sought-after travel destinations of the world, sitting in a 5-star luxury hotel for one whole week, with fellow gorgeous women like yourself?  

AND -  

Have private access to two world-class relationship experts who are known to deliver results, again and again and again for their clients, to answer your personal questions?  

All of this together, an experience to die for? Yes it is! 

After the grand success of the fully sold out Wunder Luxury Retreats in Santorini, Ibiza and Malta in the last two years, I am thrilled to announce the next international destination for my global diva tribe to collect together under one roof for one magical week of femininity, fun and love transformation – the exotic COSTA RICA! 

What Is The Be The Woman Men Cherish Retreat?

Be The Woman Cherish luxury retreat is an exclusive, high-end opportunity for 18 special women to come join me, relationship expert Sami Wunder, live for the week of 21st to 26th January, 2019 on an all-planned-for you, luxury experience in the exotic volcanic landscape of Costa Rica. 

The inspiration behind these live retreats is to offer my diva clients an opportunity to not just intellectually learn the behaviours of a queen through my self-study and online sessions, but to practice and live those skills in person and live.  

I have become notoriously famous for choosing only 5-star hotels for our stay, the most delicious food and sightseeing experiences for you, as you fly from across the globe to come dive into this deeply transformative experience with me and your fellow diva sisters and create memories of a lifetime.

I believe you deserve the absolute best treatment my darlings, and it's time you thought so too and gave yourself permission for such larger than life experiences.  

Remember, this is no ordinary experience.  

This is a deep dive, immersive, life-changing week, where we move beyond generic relationship advice that clogs the internet, telling women to be more positive, be more cool and be the easy girl that wears short dresses in order to inspire men's affection. 

What Are You Going To Learn?  

On my live coaching sessions at this exclusive retreat, you will get the inside scoop and details to secrets that 97% of the women out there will never know about men and romance.  

Just some of the things we will be covering:  

  • Why accessing your feminine energy is the key to his heart, and how to activate it for more bliss in your own life too;  
  • Tools to access your emotional energy more deeply and heal emotional pain;
  • Tools to tap more into your body and access your feminine sensuality and more pleasure;  
  • Tools to lift up your heart energy and speak authentically from your heart and in a way that it mesmerizes men;  
  • Tools to relax your self-judgement and find peace within yourself;  
  • Tools to enhance presence and feminine confidence, and having a powerful body language that makes an impact on men;  
  • Tools to see clearly what your specific relationship patterns and coping mechanisms have been, and how to break them;  
  • Guided meditations to heal and empower your inner child.

Life-changing tools and knowledge, yes?  

Look at what some of the women who have attended my retreats are saying:

Your total investment for this life-changing, 5 nights and 6 days experience?  

5800 USD Only  

  >>  Yes Sami, I Want In! Reserve My Spot!  <<  

Down payment today: $1000, after that - $1000 * 3 monthly installments.  

(the remaining to be paid at the retreat directly)  

Is it worth the investment? Well let's see.  

Apart from all that amazing knowledge and empowerment and self and relationship tools you get, here's what you also get within your fees when you're among the 18 women who are chosen for this experience: 

1) Stay in your palace 5 nights and 6 days in a magnificent 5-star luxury hotel, Tamarindo Beach Resort in Diria, with a deluxe room (twin-sharing basis with separate standard beds). This is one of the best hospitality that Costa Rica has to offer. You can already start picturing yourself swimming at the beach or sipping cocktail in one of the lagoon pools of this magnificent resort, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and palm trees.

2) Wake up in luxury Variety of teas, fresh fruits, coffees and other delicacies await you as you get ready to enjoy your daily buffet breakfast in the 5-star hotel, which is included in your fees.

3) Step into your transformation After breakfast, walk to the 5-star goddess meeting room that has been booked privately for your live coaching sessions with Sami. The meeting room fees is included in your payment.

4) Indulge your taste buds After coaching, your delicious daily hot lunch with appetizer, main meal and desert is also included in your fees (except on day of arrival, 21st Jan). You can choose any of the offerings from the 3 restaurants on the resort site.

5) Train your creativity The most important thing is to experiment and have fun in our feminine energies, and this is exactly what we're doing one evening at a special Cocktail Workshop. We are expected to learn, drink and get just a little tipsy. :) Ahead of us we have 5 amazingly different cocktails & beautiful meal parings to enjoy with them, all included in your fees. This is going to be one heck of a diva evening!

6) Receive Queen-like treatment You don’t have to arrive in a foreign country and hail a taxi. Get picked up and dropped off to the airport like a queen, without a hassle. The airport transfers are also included in your fees.

7) Nourish your body Spa and full-body massage for every retreat participant in the 5-star hotel is also included as a feminine pampering treat for all participants on one afternoon. 

8) Embrace the adventure I have hired a private naturist guide for us for an exotic, full-day adventure. The tour includes about 2 hours of hiking through the Rincon de la Vieja National Park, with abundant boiling hot mud springs, sulfur springs, steam vents, and fumaroles, as well as majestic wildlife and exotic flora. After the hike, we will go to Hacienda Guachipelin to have a well deserved lunch. The entire cost of this trip, lunch and transfers to and from the hotel is included in your fees. Pack your hiking shoes and binoculars, ladies - this is going to be terrific!

9) Experience and receive Sami LIVE Most importantly, you are guaranteed 10 hours of live, in-person coaching with me, which alone values over 15,000 euros, given what my private clients pay for my time, knowledge and expertise, in our one-on one-sessions.

10) EXCLUSIVELY For New Divas - 3 gifts from Sami If you're new to my teachings and this retreat is your first (big) investment with us, I'm offering you 3 gifts to help you make the most of this experience: 

1. My 7-hours long, advanced audio program Attract Your Soulmate (my system of Rotational Dating + builing your confidence and feminine energy). Value: 397 EUR 

2. My 8-hours long, advanced audio program Soulmates Forever (to help you heal, harmonize and make your marriage or relationship thrive - and if you're single, to prepare you to start a partnership right from the very beginning!). Value: 397 EUR

3. A powerful, 40-minutes, laser-focused, strategy one-to-one coaching session with me directly, in which I will help you discover your biggest growth areas and set you on track to taking your love life to the next level. Value: 650 EUR

Total Gifts Value: 1444 EUR = 1650 USD.

So now can you afford this, my darling queen?  

Well, what you cannot truly afford is to MISS THIS!  

This larger-than-life experience at this price, exclusivity, fun, adventure and all the perks it offers and to top it all with life-transforming coaching.  

  >>  Sign Me Up NOW!  <<   

What's not included: Any flights and dinners.

An Exclusive Sneak Peak Into The Male Mind... 

As if all this goodness wasn’t enough, here's an extremely special, exclusive access for only this group of women on this retreat. 

Legendary relationship guru Bob Grant, with one of the most well-known relationship practices globally and over 14 years of experience, will be joining us for a virtual intensive on this retreat.

Bob will be giving us a peak into the secrets of the male mind.  

For example, did you know that men will often say things to you that you shouldn’t absolutely do, else they will kill his attraction for you?  

Bob has been my mentor and guide in my journey of success and inner growth, and he is someone I look up to with utmost respect and admiration.  

I am so grateful that he agreed to give my divas on the retreat his undivided attention.  

He will be happy to answer all your personal questions on one designated afternoon.  

This access alone is worth thousands, if you see the power of what you're going to learn from this wise man, and in the collective space of 18 women's questions. 

Ready to dive in? 

Love The Experience But Scared To Invest? 

Let's see.  

Fear is a funny thing. If you let it intimidate you, it will keep you stuck and won't let you fly towards your dreams.  

But if you can laugh at it and not take it so seriously, then you will start to see that your fear is your friend, just trying to keep you safe.  

This friend gets activated every single time you have said "yes" to something new.  

Do you remember the first time you decided to sit on a bike and ride it? Fear was present back then... 

Do you remember the first time you were afraid to jump into water? Fear was present back then too...

Do you remember the first time you went on a solo trip? Fear was present back then too...

Your first job interview, your first date, your first time learning a new language…  

Fear has been present all along.  

And yet, you are here today, moving forward, and grateful for all those new experiences.  

This means that fear then becomes a part of our expansive journeys, not something to be intimidated by.  

Fear will always be present and you still have to continue to do that which calls your soul, nudges at your insides and excites you.  

You owe this to yourself!  

Plus, with the easy installment plans on offer, you can plan out your trip in advance and not bear the burden of one big payment.  

As soon as you pay, we will add you to a private Facebook group to get you connected with the other divas who are joining and get the party started already.  

You are welcome to coordinate your travel plans with each other too. 

Here we are at the end of this page, me offering you what can be the best experience of your life so far, and you still hesitating to dive in.  

I hope what I am saying below will help:  

  • Every single of my retreats have sold out within maximum of 14 days after release. I am not kidding, these experiences are magical, especially at the way they are priced. 
  • I have a 50% return rate on my retreats; women who have come on a retreat before, come again and again. That's how much they love it.  
  • I've never had a dissatisfied, unhappy client on my retreat ever. We ensure that we hand-pick our ladies and have nothing but the absolute best energy on our groups.  
  • What you can experience live on a retreat can never, ever match up to sessions done online. Everything is energy, and on my live retreats, you get to experience the power of energy. This is why so many of my private and group coaching clients love joining the live experiences. 

"My wondrous Sami, where do I even start? Your retreat has been phenomenal for me in every sense of the word. 

Not only meeting you in person is such a delight, but being in such a top-notch hotel in Santorini, meeting all these wonderful women from all over the world, has been a life changing experience. 

Live coaching with you is also such a powerful experience. My talent and desire for photography has been reignited on this retreat, and I have loved every single moment of this trip. 

You are such a fabulous role model for us women to have. Thank you for organising such a special experience for us. Worth every penny ever spent! Bloody marvellous work, Sami darling!"

~ Tiffanie, United Kingdom

"Wonderful Sami, this retreat has been the most amazing experience of my life so far. 

I am leaving with feelings of confidence in my dating life, and of love and bonding with my Wunder sisters who will now all be a part of my life. My heart now feels open to the next stage of my life. 

I am so thankful I dived in and flew all the way from Canada for this. This week has been totally worth all the hours of flight!"

~ Nicole, Canada

"Magnificent, super well-planned, fun and absolutely fantastic! :) 

Thank you so much, Sami, for organizing such an amazing experience for us ladies, with so much care and love, just to pamper ourselves and give ourselves a great time. You have a wonderful soul and you are such an empowering coach."

~ Priyal, United States

Frequently Asked Questions:  

1) Who is this Retreat for?  

For all women who desire more from life and their relationships, for all women ready to show the door to their insecurities and ready to own their feminine power in the world of men and love.  

Whether you're single, dating, married, in a relationship or taking a break, you're going to feel like you belong here.  

2) I've done all your programs. How is this different? Will it still help me?  

Ab-so-freaking- lutely!  

Let's see why.  

If you're feeling something is still keeping you stuck, in spite of all the amazing knowledge you have, LIVE COACHING is your answer.  

With the possibility of being able to ask your questions live, we can figure out what's blocking you rather quickly (it's my job to do that as an expert, every single day). I charge 650 Euros an hour for a one-off session, which makes this a PRICELESS opportunity for you to get live coached. 

If everything is going great (YAY you!), it's always nice to get a refresher. This work never really ends.  

Plus, 6 amazing days in a breath-taking exotic location, with luxury accommodation and lunches, tropical cocktails in the pool, advenutre tour, and lots of sunshine and feminine FUN - can't really harm, can it?  

In fact, it's an amazing gift of love for your diva self.  

3) Are there refunds available?  


Organizing an event of this scale in such a gorgeous luxurious location implies huge cost on our side. So after you have reserved your place and paid the commitment deposit, we will be unable to refund it.  

However, should you find yourself in unfortunate circumstances and unable to attend, you are welcome to sell or gift your seat to another woman to participate in your stead.  

 4) I am NEW to your work, but I feel called for this. Will I be able to follow the coaching sessions? 

Yes. Yes and Yes.  

You're not only going to be able to follow what I am saying, you're going to love it, and it's going to blow your mind away.  

You won't come home from this retreat, unchanged. In fact, you're going to come home with a vision, clarity and a phenomenal thirst to implement this knowledge in your life.  

Plus, with the 3 exclusive gift that I am offering for new joiners (my two advanced programs Attract Your Soulmate + Soulmates Forever, plus the intensive session with me), you can immerse yourself in the work and be prepared to make the very BEST of the retreat experience!  

5) Can I have the dates and location for the retreat again?  

The retreat begins on Monday, January 21st in the early evening, so you can plan your arrival during this day. Tuesday to Friday, we will have full days of coaching with me (total: 10 hours) and all the other activities (spa, massages, adventure tour, cocktail workshops and of course the intensive session with Mr. Grant). On Saturday 26th January, we end with a last powerful coaching session in the morning, so we advise booking your flights no earlier than evening on this day. We will be providing more detailed instructions closer to date.  

Regarding the location, the retreat will take place at Hotel Tamarindo Diria, Costa Rica's most iconic luxury beach resort. The closest airport is Liberia Airport (full name - Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport, code: LIR / MRLB). We have arranged transport to and from this airport if you arrive on Monday January 21st and leave on Saturday January 26th, with the whole of the group. If you need to travel on other days or if you choose to fly into another airport, we will unfortuately be unable to provide transfers.  

6) How long can I take to decide if I join?  

You can take all the time you need to decide if you want to join.  

Your gut already knows if you want to do this. I would dive in now, and reserve all this amazingness. As of October 2018, we only have 4 (four) spots left, so HURRY!

Still have questions? 

You are welcome to email us at, and someone from our team will be in touch shortly!