Unleash Your Wunder Diva - Dubrovnik Luxury Retreat
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You are a pure beam of light...

You are a Goddess, a diva, an ecstatic, sensual, divine being, in a physical body...

You already are enough, more than enough, for the right man for you…

You already possess all you need to bring him in and experience a deep connection with him in your life right now...

The real question is…

Do you feel in touch with your own powers as a woman in this moment?

Or have you allowed yourself to forget this fundamental truth?

Are the men in your life a bonus gift, adding to the joy that is you?

Or do you feel you need them to feel good in your life right now?

Do you go on dates “hoping” he'd be the one?

Or do you give him the absolute Goddess privilege to be in your presence on a date?

Do you pine, hope and desire that your partner steps up for you?

Or do you step up so powerfully for yourself, that he'd get left behind if he didn't? 

Let's be honest:

Even the best of women forget their power in love and romantic relationships sometimes...

It's that part of our lives where the fearful, doubtful, hurt little “good girl” often takes over and runs the show…

And makes us forget our feminine power and the power we naturally have around men…

Long hours at work take over… Children take over… Bosses and work takes over… Other's needs take over… The daily chores and the mundaneness of life takes over… The recurring disappointments in dating take over… The current unhappiness with your partner takes over…

And before you know, the diva within you, the feminine goddess who knows her infinite worth, feels energetically hard to even access… 

But even while all this happens...

There's your Diva Goddess-self voice, still gently nudging you…

It's the voice that tells you that there's SO MUCH more to you…

That you'd be unstoppable if you allowed yourself to unleash and connect with the feminine power within you…

That you are already a queen and you already deserve nothing but the best from your partner or the men you're seeing…

That you're worthy, deeply worthy from within and the “Prize” in love…

That any man would be lucky to have you…

And that grand love is possible, in fact right around the corner, waiting for you to claim your throne…

Connecting you with this DIVA power is our aim for our 5th Wunder Luxury Retreat, happening from the 21st to the 26th of September, 2019 in the highly-sought-after international travel destination of Dubrovnik, Croatia!

After the success of our last 4 Wunder luxury retreats (all fully sold out) in Greece, Malta, Ibiza and Costa Rica - Dubrovnik, Croatia is where our divas are going next.

Nestled by the deep blue waters of the Adriatic sea, Dubrovnik has all a visiting queen could desire to retreat into luxury and reconnect with her feminine self...

From its historic old town and churches, to its oyster farms and its fame as the main shooting location of the acclaimed HBO series Game of Thrones… Dubrovnik awaits to win your hearts.

In this highly exclusive, luxury experience, open to just 15 women, you get the chance to come together and learn in-person and live from leading international, romantic relationship expert Sami Wunder.

Sami specializes in working with an extremely high-achieving clientele of women and helps them in attracting and creating a relationship better than their dreams. 

At just 30 years of age, Sami has not only built a heart-led company with a team of 7 that serves over 60K smart women across 30 countries of the globe, she also has a tremendous track record of results for her clients.

Over 100 of Sami’s clients have found soulmate love in the last 3 years, and hundreds of marriages and relationships have been saved due to her love coaching methods and work.

Her clients include a Hollywood star, UK celebrities, American CEOs, top attorneys and bankers and one of the top 10 Global LinkedIn Voices in Social Media.

Invited to BBC radio and UK National TV, Sami is a regular expert at Forbes, Business Insider and Glamour magazines.

Being a modern-day career woman with a Masters degree, this gold-medalist-Economist-turned-love-expert has a deep insight into the problems and challenges of the modern successful woman in love.

  Sami believes that this is her cutting-edge.

Even though Sami Wunder is a certified and trained expert with an experience of serving over 2800 premium clients, she considers herself close to her clients challenges as she faced them and overcame them herself.

Today. Sami is a mother and an adored wife and loves teaching women the structured principles around creating their own love success.  

On the Unleash Your Wunder Diva Rretreat, you get to have a deeply immersive, luxurious and personal experience, learning from Sami herself. 

Look At The Magic That Has Happened On Two Of Our Past Retreats:

What Will You Learn?  

On the live coaching sessions, you will get the inside scoop and details to secrets of romance and love that 97% of the women out there will never know about men and romantic relationships.

Just some of the things we will be covering:

How to access and channel your Inner Diva – what does she look like and want for her next level of bliss in love?

This will give you a crystal-clear vision of what you desire to attract in your love life or where you'd like your current relationship to go.

How to heal self-judgement and feel worthy from within?

This is the crux of feeling like the prize in love and around men. Every good thing comes from feeling worthy from within, and a Diva knows her worth.

You can receive, enjoy and feel deserving of grand love when you feel good enough on the inside.  

Through the Wunder tools, we will do a deep dive into this and support you in returning and re-connecting with the powerful woman you are and are meant to be. We will unleash your own version of your inner Wunder Diva!

How to understand men in the dating and romantic process, so that you never find yourself second-guessing again?

So many relationships fail or do not see the next level of fruition due to the lack of awareness around how men and women are different. We will close this gap on this luxury retreat by making men crystal clear to you.

A wunder diva understands how men function in romance, and this gives her a cutting edge over fellow women who don’t!

How to choose the right man for you, or inspire the one in your life to step up?

Here. we focus on choosing the right man for you if you're single (divas don't fall into the chemistry trap!) or getting the one in your life right now to step up and give you the ring or commitment you desire.

How to speak your boundaries with love and courage?

Boundaries are a Wunder Diva's most powerful feminine arsenal, and my goodness, she uses it!!  

After our work together on boundaries, you will take pride in protecting your energy and your heart from others, and you will love your boundaries when you see how much healthy men love you for it, too.

Finally, through relaxing meditations and visualizations, we will be channeling your inner child and helping you reconnect with your most authentic, happy and alive diva energy.

Life-changing tools and knowledge, yes?  

Look at what some of the women who have attended my retreats are saying:

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Your Total Investment For This Life-Changing Experience? 

Early Bird Until June 30th: 

An easy installment plan is available for both options. 

The last €500 of the Retreat fee needs to be paid in cash upon arrival. This is meant to cover local expenses that we as organizers also need to clear in cash onsite. A payment receipt will be provided.

Late Bird After June 30th, If Spaces Remain:



What Is Included In Your Retreat Fees?

When you book a seat to join Sami Wunder personally for the Unleash Your Wunder Diva Luxury Retreat, here's what's included in your fees: 

1) 8 hours of live coaching with global love expert Sami Wunder. 

Based on what Sami's clients pay to access her privately, this alone is worth €10K. This is a priceless oppotunity! 

2) 6 days and 5 nights accommodation in the 5-star luxury hotel Dubrovnik Palace, with balcony and views of the Adriatic Sea.

Most rooms are double (sharing-based, with two separate twin beds). A few single rooms are also available for a higher investment and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Based on our experience on our previous luxury retreats, we highly recommend the room sharing experience. 

It helps you experience the discomfort of living intimately with a fellow diva (like in intimate relationships) and form much deeper bonds of vulnerability and friendship with your fellow diva sisters.

3) Daily gourmet buffet breakfast included in the 5-star hotel.

4) Delicious three-course lunch included in your fees (for 5 days).

5) You will also be invited to a gorgeous buffet welcome dinner with Sami Wunder, on your night of arrival (21st September) at the Dubrovnik Palace. 

6) Your transfers and pick-ups to and from the airport are also included in your fees. 

This way, you can arrive in luxury and be brought straight to the 5-star hotel like a queen diva.

7) A gorgeous meeting hall has been booked exclusively for our coaching sessions within the Dubrovnik Palace.

8) Each participant will be gifted a professional portrait from our top-notch onsite professional photographer.

9) A divine, full-body massage and spa included for every participant.

10) A private boat tour adventure on the Adriatic, to feel the power of the blue seas and visit the gorgeous local islands of Lopud and Kolchep.

11) A full-day fun trip in a luxury bus to the exotic neighbouring country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

We will be visiting the picturesque city of Mostar, the War History Museum, and enjoy a sumptuous lunch with traditional Bosnian food.

On our return trip, we will also be visiting some awe-inspiring waterfalls.

Alternatively, if the group desires, we can also visit the gorgeous port of Montenegro for a full day trip.

What is not included in your retreat fees – Dinners, flights, local tips. 

Plus, for those of you who join us before the Early Bird offer expires on 30th June, you also get:

1. Sami's 7-hour long advanced audio program for singles, Attract Your Soulmate (includes her system of Rotational Dating + building your confidence and feminine energy). Value: €397.  

2. Sami's 8-hour long, advanced audio program Soulmates Forever (to help you heal, harmonize & make your marriage or relationship thrive - and if you're single, to prepare you to start a partnership RIGHT from the very start!) Value: €397.

3. A powerful, 40-min, laser-focused, strategy one-to-one coaching session with Sami Wunder directly, in which she will help you discover your biggest growth areas and set you on track to taking your love life to the next level. Value: €750.

Total Gifts Value: Over €1500!

Feeling Called To It But Feeling Scared At The Same Time?

Let's see.

Fear is a funny thing.

If you let it intimidate you, it will keep you stuck and won't let you fly towards your dreams and be the diva queen you're meant to be, or have the love you desire.

But if you can laugh at your fear and not take it so seriously, then you will start to see that your fear is your friend, just trying to keep you safe.

This friend gets activated every single time you have said "yes" to something new or said "yes" to your next level of growth and power...

Do you remember the first time you decided to sit on a bike and ride it?

Fear was present back then...

Do you remember the first time you were afraid to jump into water?

Fear was present back then, too...

Do you remember the first time you went on a solo international trip just by yourself?

It was exciting, but fear was present back then, too...

Your first job interview, your first date, your first time learning a new language…

Fear has been present all along.

And yet, you are here today, moving forward, and grateful for all those new experiences.

This means that fear becomes a part of our expansive journeys, not something to be intimidated by.

Fear will always be present, and you still have to continue to do that which calls your soul, nudges at your insides and excites you.  

Our retreats are not just retreats for your head, but they are retreats for the wellness of your heart, your feminine soul - and you will not only gain precious knowledge that will help you come forward in your love life, but also a precious group of diva friendships that will last you possibly a lifetime...

You owe this to yourself, my Queen!  

You're invited to a larger-than-life experience you will never forget!

What Happens When You Pay?  

You can pay in easy installments leading up to the retreat. As soon as you pay today and book your seat, you will receive a welcome email and be added to a private Facebook group where you will connect with the other divas who are joining, and get the party started already!

As we get several international participants each year, you are welcome to coordinate your travel plans with each other, too.

"My wondrous Sami, where do I even start? Your retreat has been phenomenal for me in every sense of the word. 

Not only meeting you in person is such a delight, but being in such a top-notch hotel in Santorini, meeting all these wonderful women from all over the world, has been a life changing experience. 

Live coaching with you is also such a powerful experience. My talent and desire for photography has been reignited on this retreat, and I have loved every single moment of this trip. 

You are such a fabulous role model for us women to have. Thank you for organising such a special experience for us. Worth every penny ever spent! Bloody marvellous work, Sami darling!"

~ Tiffanie, United Kingdom

"Wonderful Sami, this retreat has been the most amazing experience of my life so far. 

I am leaving with feelings of confidence in my dating life, and of love and bonding with my Wunder sisters who will now all be a part of my life. My heart now feels open to the next stage of my life. 

I am so thankful I dived in and flew all the way from Canada for this. This week has been totally worth all the hours of flight!"

~ Nicole, Canada

"Magnificent, super well-planned, fun and absolutely fantastic! :) 

Thank you so much, Sami, for organizing such an amazing experience for us ladies, with so much care and love, just to pamper ourselves and give ourselves a great time. You have a wonderful soul and you are such an empowering coach."

~ Priyal, United States

Frequently Asked Questions:  

1) Who is this Retreat for?

For all women who desire more from life and their relationships, for all women ready to show the door to their insecurities and ready to own their DIVA power in the world of men and love.  

Whether you're single, dating, married, in a relationship or taking a break, you're going to feel like you belong here.  

2) I've done all of Sami's programs. How is this different? Will it still help me?


Let's see why.  

If you're feeling something is still keeping you stuck, in spite of all the amazing knowledge you have, LIVE COACHING is your answer.  

With the possibility of being able to ask your questions live, we can figure out what's blocking you rather quickly (it's Sami's job to do that as an expert, every single day). Sami charges 750 Euros an hour for a one-off session, which makes this a PRICELESS opportunity for you to get live coached. 

If everything is going great (YAY you!), it's always nice to get a refresher, added with the beauty of diva friendships and a gorgeous location and 5-star luxury.

Plus, 6 amazing days in a breath-taking location, with luxury accommodation and lunches, cocktails in the pool, two separate day trips (Adriatic bus tour and Bosnia/Montenegro bus tour), lots of sunshine and feminine FUN - can't really harm, can it?  

In fact, it's an amazing gift of love for your diva self. You deserve it, girl!  

3) Are there refunds available?  


Organizing an event of this scale in such a luxurious and highly-sought-after location implies huge cost on our side. So after you have reserved your place and paid the commitment deposit, we will be unable to refund it.  

However, should you find yourself in unfortunate circumstances and unable to attend, you are welcome to sell or gift your seat to another woman to participate in your stead.  

4) I am NEW to Sami's work, but I feel called to this. Will I be able to follow the coaching sessions? 

Yes. Yes and Yes.  

You're not only going to be able to follow what Sami will be teaching, you're going to love it, and it's going to blow your mind away.  

You won't come home from this retreat, unchanged. In fact, you're going to come home with a vision, clarity and a phenomenal thirst to implement this knowledge in your life.  

Plus, with the 3 exclusive gift that we are offering for new joiners (the two advanced programs Attract Your Soulmate + Soulmates Forever, plus the intensive session with Sami Wuder personaly), you can immerse yourself in the work and be prepared to make the very BEST of the retreat experience! 

5) Can I have the dates and location for the retreat again, so I can plan my flights?  

The retreat begins on Saturday, September 21st in the early evening, so you can plan your arrival during this day.  

The retreat will officially end on 26th September morning, so you can plan your departure anytime after 12 noon on that day.  

If you'd like to stay longer in the hotel, please email us at support@samiwunder.com, and we can put you in touch with our lovely contact at the hotel.  

We will be providing more detailed instructions around your transfers and pick up, closer to date.

Regarding the location, the retreat will take place at Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, and the closest airport is Dubrovnik airport.  

6) How long can I take to decide if I join?

If you want to get the best deal (and why wouldn't you, you're a smart diva!), the Early Bird savings are only available until 30th June, 2019.  

Still have questions? You are welcome to email us at support@samiwunder.com, and someone from our team will be in touch shortly! See you in Dubrovnik, Croatia! With love, Team Sami Wunder xoxo