Speak To His HEART with Sami Wunder
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What is the aim behind communication with our men? 

Is it to vent?

Is it to say anything you think or feel to a man, the minute you think and feel it, under the garb of, “This is my truth”, even if it breaks the relationship?

Is the purpose of communication just to dump your pain and frustration on the man mindlessly and without awareness of how it lands on HIM?

And to do it even if it comes out of your mouth as a string of accusatory, triggered messages, or out of your inbox as a long, windy email loaded with emotions that kill his attraction for you?

If that is the aim of your communication, then great, you can carry on with what you're doing, if it is working for you. :)

But if that is not helping you create the results you'd like to create in your love life….  

If you know you want to, and CAN, do better than this…

If you're either finding yourself feeling tongue-tied and afraid to speak your truth to men…


If you're exploding and communicating in ways that look insecure and needy to men and damage attraction…

... Then we have a one-of-a-kind, never presented before opportunity for you!  

Speak To His HEART is a video training program for every conscious, self-aware woman - single, in a committed relationship or married for years - who is looking to learn how to express her truth and communicate with men from a place of intuition, wisdom and inner power. 

Speak To His HEART is all about healthy, powerful communication with men that brings you results!

Yes, for this specific program, we are results oriented – and proudly so!

Through the methods, tools and scripts you get in this program, we guarantee more attraction and more intimacy with any man, IF he's the right man for you (power communication makes the wrong men run for the hills, and this is a good thing!).

And for you, our Queen Diva, we guarantee that you will feel more self-trust, more inner confidence and diva sassiness in the way you communicate, and uplevel your game in confident self-expression - no matter how much you might be struggling with it right now! 

This program is for you if:

  • If you're tired of feeling like you never know what to say in tricky situations with the men you're seeing or your current man.
  • If you know you want to say something to protect your boundaries, but find yourself fumbling for the right words.
  • If you second-guess and doubt your intuition often around – “Should I say something in this situation or not?” 
  • If you feel like you always come up with the most powerful responses only AFTER the moment is over (I know this annoying feeling so well!)
  • If topics like sex, money, boundaries trigger your anxiety around men and make you forget your diva powers!
  • If you oscillate between not saying anything and then exploding with emotion in a way that you surprise yourself and the man.  

If you said yes to any of those questions above, then you're invited to get crazily excited, because this is going to be a game changer for you! 

Results You Can Expect To Create:

You can expect to develop a strong sense of intuition and confidence around when to speak up and when not to speak up in romantic situations.

We will give you an exact, never-revealed-before template to train this intuition within you. This masterclass in Session 1 itself will be path-breaking in terms of your confidence and removing self-questioning and self-doubt!

Hint: Sometimes silence and not saying anything is MORE powerful than saying something with men. Just saying ;)  

You can expect to learn magical tools of communication that help you decode a man’s brain and understand what he responds to and what he doesn’t respond to. 

Use this knowledge with men or your man, to feel more heard, more connect with his heart, and very often, to get your needs and desires met. 

You can expect to stop stumbling and mumbling with words, because we are going to do the hard work of putting together 50 important scripts for you that you can learn, rinse and repeat. 

Topics we will be dealing with include:

  • Money
  • Sex
  • Boundaries
  • Expressing your healthy needs / desires  

Just these scripts alone, handed out on a pdf to you, will give you 5x times the return on your investment. 

EXCITED? You should be! 

How Will We Create These Results? 

We will be creating this magic over three pre-recorded Sessions, which you can download right away after purchasing the program.

Each Session includes the video recording, an audio version for more convenient re-listening, as well as the PDF worksheet / handout.

This is a self-study program, so you can go through the materials a your own pace. All files are yours to keep forever, and we recommend watching and re-watching many times, until the new knowledge and the template for the scripts sinks in deeply and becomes second nature.

Session 1: To Speak Or Not To Speak? 

Session 1 is going to eradicate self-doubt and self-questioning by giving you an exact template you can consult, in order to decide if you should say something or not in a given romantic situation.  

Every day, we see relationships die, because a woman failed to communicate her needs and desires to her man. What he didn't know she needed, he couldn't deliver.

The opposite is also true.  

We also see many relationships or potential dating scenarios fizzle out BECAUSE of what a woman said. Hence, in Session 1, we will learn how to build our intuition around when you should speak up and say something, and when not to say anything. 

We are not aware of any one else in the relationship coaching industry talking about this.

So tie your seat belts, and get ready to go on a breakthrough ride!  

Just Session 1, implemented well, will be life-changing!

 Session 2: Magical Tools That Enhance Attraction & Foster Intimacy With Men  

Session 2 is hands-on tools and tips to help you understand how men's brains work when it comes to communication.  

You will gain access to a magical toolkit that you can pull out and use, as and when you need it, and speak to a man's heart.  

Sami also presents many examples, picked up from the real life of her clients, to make this hit home for you.

Session 3: Magical Scripts That Work (On The Right Men) 

Session 3 is loaded with golden scripts that will support you in navigating everyday situations that you encounter in dating and committed relationships.

Many of these scripts Sami Wunder discusses in the recording itself, and 50 of them are included on a PDF file for you to possess for eternity, and use and re-use as many times as you need to.

Your Investment?

The value offered in this program is priceless.  

Can you put a price tag on the feeling of being able to stop questioning and doubting yourself when it comes to expressing yourself?  

Can you put a price tag to knowing exactly what to say when you're in a tricky or challenging situation with a man?  

Can you put a price tag on the connection, intimacy and harmony this will foster in your relationship?  

Can you put a price tag on feeling like a confident, sassy diva who knows her worth and can say what she wants?  

And this is why this program is priceless.  

We are offering you value that is worth hundreds of euros for only 197 euros today.  

er the invisible fence if there's any, and grab your copy now!

   Get "Speak To His Heart" Now For Just €197!   

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What happens when I pay? 

You will receive an email in your inbox with a link to a private Dropbox folder, where all the files are stored. You will be able to download everything and save it to your own devices (recommended), as well as watch/listen online.

2. Are there refunds?  

Because this is a digital program, all sales are final. 

We believe in full commitment to the program, in order to help you get results. Hence, no refunds will be available.

Remember, you will have access to the videos and worksheets for a lifetime, and in that way, you will receive 10x times of your investment, either way.  

3. Will you teach how to lean back and practice high value behaviours and boundaries in this program?  

Great question, and “no” is the answer.  

This is a hands-on, focused program on Communication. You will learn when, how, and what to say to your man or the men you are dating, in order to build attraction and intimacy.

If you want more structured support on topics like the above, you want to join the Extraordinary Love Inner Circle group to build upon this course.  

4. Is this program different than the "Communication Magic" Module from Soulmates Forever? 

Absolutely! First off, this program is much more in-depth and covers a much wider area of communication (including 50 done-for-you scripts in a handy PDF!). 

Secondly, this program integrates all the growth that Sami has done since 2016, when Soulmates Forever was recorded. Think brand new tools and scripts!

5. What do I have to lose if I sign up?  

A lot.  

Your self-doubt when it comes to communicating your truth, your fears on whether or not you should speak up, fights and arguments with your man, or any man...  

And by losing all these, you will gain confidence from within in your love life, in a powerful, never-before-experienced way! 

6. Where can I pay?  

Sign up by clicking here.

About Sami Wunder

Sami Wunder is an international-level dating and relationship expert. She helps powerful, high-achieving women attract their dream man and create a deeply intimate and connected relationship.  

In the last 3.5 years, over 140 of Sami’s clients have found soulmate love using the system of love attraction that she teaches. Such results are unheard of in the relationship coaching industry. 

She’s been hailed as the “Get The Ring Coach” by the BBC radio London and the Daily Mail, and her work has been picked up by the Time Magazine, Forbes Magazine and many other publications of global renown.  

Sami is based in Europe and runs her heart-centered company that has reached late multiple figures and seen huge success in a short amount of time. She is blissfully married to the love of her life. They have one son.

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